Friday, April 2, 2010

By-Election at Hulu Selangor

BN is facing another uphill task in yet another by-election at Hulu Selangor. As usual, any by election will creates such a fuss in media and the political party. From the beginning, MIC lead by Sammy Vellu is fighting for fielding its candidate for the by-election. Yet it is rumoured that UMNO is going to take back the seat from MIC, making all the situation like merry go round chair chasing. But in this case, it is not who is the fastest will get the candidacy, but the welfare and opinion of rakyat should be taken into consideration too.

MCA with its new leadership lead by Datuk Seri Chua Soi Lek will have to prove themselves in its first task after the just concluded MCA election. With its new leadership in hand, i believe we can be more united and more focused in its preparation gearing towards the by election. We have to prove that MCA is still relevant to Chinese community by winning back their confidence and votes this time around.

BN not only have to race against time for getting themselves ready for the by-election, we not only have Pakatan Rakyat to face with, but we need to face rakyat in all election, be it General Election or by election. No matter how Pakatan Rakyat or BN campaigning for its cause, it is rakyat who determine the winner.

I believe BN can win this by election at Hulu Selangor providing we stay united on our track. Let rakyat see for themselves that we still are the better choice for them.

Date has been set on 17th April 2010 for nomination and polling day on 25th April 2010. Lets us working towards the by-election and have this in mind "By Rakyat, For

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