Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) Bill 2008

After so much fuss created around MACC Bill 2008, it's finally aprroved by Dewan Rakyat on 16-12-2008. It is first tabled on 10-12-2008 by Prime Minister for first reading on Dewan Rakyat, along with the Judicial Appointments Commission Bill as part of the government’s efforts to restore integrity and confidence in the country’s judicial system and in the war against corruption.Since then, it has been receiving mixed reactions from all the MPs.

Previously the ACA, which was under the jurisdiction of the Prime Minister's Department, had evoked skepticism on its efficiently in curbing corruption. Therefore, MACC is introduced with some adjustments implemented. First of all, MACC is not under any of the ministry and now directly responsible to Parliament. It is also answerable to five independent bodies which are Anti-Corruption Advisory board, Special Committee on Corruption, Complaints Committee, Operations Review Panel and Corruption Prevention and Consultative Panel.

Its chief commissioner is given powers of a deputy public prosecutor, thus giving the commission powers to prosecute. In addition, its four commissioners can also order investigations into reports lodged with MACC.

From now on, MACC has becomes a reality. For better or for worse, we can wait and see. Let's us hope that MACC can truly carries out its duties efficiently and with integrity. Do not just change the name, but remains the same inside. Enforcement is important, but what is more important is that all our people realise the harmful effects of corruption to our society. Educate our children from now in order for us to have a brighter and harmony future. Let's us create another Lady of Justice or Justice Bao again!

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jovi said...

Mr idiot, read yr commend on nanyang today on Beng Hock death. You should be ashamed on yrself as a basic human being. I do not know you but i guess u represent MCA and this truly confirmed my doubts on MCA being a dog of UMMO. To hell MVA n Gerakan. Wipe u all out in next election. Phui !